House Republican Leader

As leader for the House Republican Caucus and responsible for helping to shape our agenda, I have two simple goals:

  1.     Balance the budget by setting priorities of government without general tax increases.
  2.     Pass job-creating reforms that would help get Washington working again.20130428_LEGWA_2649sh-(ZF-3831-84409-1-004)

In the 2013 session, House Republicans were key in budget negotiations to achieving the first goal. A supplemental operating budget was passed that does NOT contain proposed taxes on thousands of small businesses, satellite TV, beer or bottled water.

I was pleased to be part of negotiations and bring very partisan sides together to find a compromise before the end of the state’s two-year budget. This article in The Spokesman-Review describes my involvement.

Unfortunately, the Democrat majority rejected our job-creation proposals that would have improved the permitting processes, provided a simpler tax structure for employers, reduced costs of workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance, and cut excessive job-killing regulations.

With so many people out of work, we cannot give up. People need more opportunities to provide for their families and their futures. My resolve is as strong as ever – we must create a business-friendly environment that will foster job creation in Washington state now and into the future.